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The multi-generation game: is living with your parents and your children a good idea?
How great would it be if you lived closer to family? You get to help each other out in so many ways: emotionally, physically, and financially. I got the privilege of living with my Dad and I wouldn't change it for the world.
...Read More
Buy Now or Later?
The short answer to ‘when is it a good time to buy a house?’ is to buy when you can afford it. It’s that simple...Read More
Moving on UP
Now is a great time to move up because many people have a lot of equity in their home due to rising home prices in the last few years. Although home prices have settled for the most part in 2023, they are still up from 4-5 years ago....Read More
Good Neighbours Build Strong Neighbourhoods
We’ve all heard horror stories of those “Bad Neighbours.” The ones who are too loud, the ones who have an unruly lawn, or the ones who never returned that snow shovel they borrowed. Bad neighbours can make the most perfect house seem not so perfect to live in. Here's some tips on how YOU can be a good neighbour....Read More
Estate Planning is Essential
Estate planning is essential.If something happens to you and you don’t have in writing what you want done with your property, it can be a real mess. Why not just deal with it and give yourself and your loved ones the piece of mind....Read More
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